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A directory currently for world wide google plus, twitter, and facebook Pokemon trainers
It is free to use at will. We also have a new topic in our trainers directory called a website directory, There you can post your contact information for other Pokemon websites that you go on.To use just simply look at the list and then go to that website and search for that pokemon trainer in the search bar on the website he/she is on. Its very simple. Please try it and thanks for coming.
-Trainer's meeting system admin.

Hi guys, what's up

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Post by bigjon357 on March 7th 2014, 8:12 pm

Welcome to the site! hope you have fun here! If you have any questions for the admins, Please use the contact us link on the front page (where the chat is) in the menu . thanks.

Hit me up on Skype to join my group chat for pokemon trainers: bigjon357 


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Hi guys, what's up

Post by Guest on March 7th 2014, 7:25 pm

Hi. I'm Alurine. Nice to be here. Feel free to PM if ya want. Smile


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